Crazy Dozer

Do you enjoy destruction in games?

Not only does Crazy Dozer feature a wide variety of different vehicles, each vehicle is available in normal and crazy versions. While normal vehicles are familiar and will remind you of the vehicles you know and love, Crazy instead feature improved stats, visual updates as well as special features, ranging from nitro, to boost to a freaking cannon!


  • Beat the ever increasingly difficult levels in the game's Arcade Mode.
  • See how long you can survive in Survival Mode.
  • Play through a variety of missions in the Career Mode, ranging from simple tutorials to races and combat missions, each featuring its own story.
  • 10+ vastly different vehicles, each available in two versions
  • 4 different environments, each playable in day, evening and night lighting conditions.

One thing that sets Crazy Dozer apart from most other games is its explicit tribute to the games of the 1990's. Score-chasing, arcade physics and

The graphics have been carefully designed to look like a FMV cutscene from a PS1/Saturn game. This means high-poly models, advanced lighting effects and cool shaders, but a minimum of texture use.

Menus consist of 3D models and contain rather bold colors and garish fonts.

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