Velocity Stream is a new take on the racing genre. In the game, one player takes control over the Paver, a spacecraft which flies through the game world and leaves a trail of energy in its wake. It's on this trail that the other players race each other.

This makes the game less about memorizing tracks to win and more about pure skill.


A keyword during development has been ”smooth”. We aspire to have a smooth art style, smooth drifting gameplay and smooth music. And to ease players into this unique online experience, the game will contain three different speed classes.

At the front and center of Velocity Stream is the Paver. It's a spacecraft that flies through the game world, leaving a trail of energy in its wake; the trail that the other players race on.

Only one player plays the Paver in each race. Depending on game mode, who plays the Paver is either randomised or players take turn paving once each. The Pavers goal is to make a road so difficult that the other players can't catch up with him, while still moving from checkpoing to checkpoint. To his help, the Paver has powerups, such as placing obstacles and making a more narrow road.

Racer is the role that players will spend the most time playing.

The Racers goal is to catch up with the Paver. However, fall too far behind and the Racer is eliminated.

The vehicles are set up to feel drifty, in a fashion most comparable to Sega Rally.

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