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"Velocity Stream looks fantastic and the Paver concept sounds amazing. Many racing game fans should take a look at Velocity Stream and the new ideas developer Cavelight Entertainment is bringing to the genre"

-Pure Nintendo


"Staple of gaming parties to come"

-Hooked Gamers


"I’d give this fast, fun, thrilling and full on game a recommendation to all you crazy racers out there who want something a bit different at your next video games party bash!"



Press kit

The below link leads to a .RAR containing up to date screenshots as well as promo material and logos. Updated Mach 17 2016


Welcome to Cavelight Entertainments press kit

Cavelight Entertainment is a Swedish independent studio based in Skövde.


The group, then known as Snecka Interactive, joined forces in 2011 to participate in Dare to be Digital with their fresh new game concept, Velocity Stream. To their joy, the game was one of four games chosen to participate in the nordic finals. While the team didn't move on to the final stage, the positive feedback provided from the jury convinced the team that the concept is special and still worth pursuiing.

Once back in Skövde, the team decided to develop the game. However, not having released a game before, they created another game, Lovetender for iOS, to learn.

In late 2012, Velocity Stream entered development. The game has been tested by the public numerous times, among others at ComicCon Gamex 2014 and Dreamhack Summer 2015, where it was very well received.

Velocity Stream launched on Steam on October 6 2015.

This is however not the end of development. Cavelight Entertainment intend to expand the game with new features and content to create the ultimate, long lasting racer.

If you desire to review or stream the game, please send us an email at, and we'll make sure to get back with you within one work day.

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Christmas patch


Valentine's patch | .